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Posted by admin on December 7, 2010

The evolution of Evolution
©2008 Jerry Thompson

Scientists tell us billions of years ago that earth won the mother of all lotteries.  Life began. 
Conditions were just right for proteins and DNA (genetic code) to come together to form the first simple organism.  These simple organisms joined together and over an immense amount of time became more and more complex.

Then for a time Dinosaurs ruled the earth followed by a mass extinction (gigantic meteor strike?) and mammals (man) arose from the ashes.  Legs and fur, wings and feather formed depending on the need of the species.

Evolution requires basically two things to work: time and genetic mutations.  Mutations are physical changes to the genetic code of the organism.

Scientists use to tell us that small changes over a long period of time allowed for the gradual increase (Gradualism) in DNA and the development of the organs and structures that a species needed to survive in a particular environment. 

One of the problems with that theory is that we never saw in the fossil record creatures with part of a structure.  Because for a limb to develop it would have needed hundreds of thousands of years and we should see it in the fossil record.

When scientists realized that evolution could not work that way, they developed a new theory.  They theorized evolution occurred in step fashion (Punctuated Equilibrium).  There would be very few changes over long periods of time, then in a relative short period (~1-10 thousand years) there would be a burst of genetic mutation and changes would occur rapidly.

Evolution though is a unknowing, impartial force like time or heat.  There is no switch to turn it on or off.  It is applied to all creatures in equal measure.  Some species may react more, some less, but the force of evolution itself does not ebb and flow.

Yet evolutionists give evolution a personality.  “Evolution decided this creature needed a limb and one developed.”  Or “This creature didn't it so the limbs that originally evolved disappeared.”

It should be impossible to see any creature alive today that is found in the fossil record.  Yet there are a host of creatures:  cockroaches, alligators, ferns and a fish, the Coelecanth, just to name a few.

But that should be impossible.  Evolution cannot be turned on and turned off species by species.  All species should be changing a little all the time.  I find it hard to believe that the cockroach is at an evolutionary high point.

Evolution makes no sense.


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