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Evolution II

Posted by admin on December 7, 2010

Witnessing Evolution
©2008 Jerry Thompson

Evolution is a force, like time or gravity.  You cannot see it but you can see its effects.  It is applied equally to all creatures.  There is no on or off switch.  It cannot be stopped.

You cannot really see evolution in action.  You cannot measure it.  You can only detect it by observation which in itself is open to interpretation.

Assuming evolution functions as an indiscriminate force, then we should see it all around us.  Some species may be more reactive to its effects.  Others affected to a lesser degree, but all should show some evidence.

Or so the scientists tell us.

There should be a host of creatures with newly developing organs or appendages.  A creature’s  parents are “Normal” and the offspring are enhanced in some slight, but measurable way.  And their offspring should be slightly better yet.

All primitive creatures (ferns or sponges for example) should no longer be primitive after all this time because they have evolved and should no longer be like their ancestors.

But we do not see that.  There are no creatures with partially developed systems in the fossil record.  There are none found alive today.  Once in a while an oddity is paraded in front of us.  But there are always distinct populations of creatures. 

They might be similar.  The scientists might say group B evolved from group A.  But there are never any individuals that have characteristics of both groups.

But if evolution is alive and well, then we should see all of its effects surrounding us.  A species going extinct should be of little concern, because another will arise to fill the void.

In fact new species are being discovered daily, but they are found in relatively unexplored areas.  More likely they were already there waiting for discovery rather than a freshly evolved species.  New species should be developing right under our noses, yet I am pretty sure it has been years since a new species was found in Western Europe.

Evolution makes no sense.


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