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Posted by admin on December 9, 2010

This planet, Earth, is immensely old.  If scientists are correct, long before Man came along, there had been an incredible number of natural changes to the environment:

  • Massive volcanic eruptions
  • Giant meteor strikes
  • Multiple Ice Ages
  • Prolonged periods of heat.
  • Huge Earthquakes 

Some of these events have killed most of the creatures regionally or even globally. Other events would cause mass migration or adaptation to the changes.   

Some of these events took place over a number of years, others in an instant.

What was the result?  In every case the planet survived.  Living things adapted, moved or died.

Our ecosystem is a constantly changing system.  It is not the same century to century or even day to day.  Trying to keep an ecosystem the same is like trying to keep the clouds from changing shape.

Yet there is a group of people who think the earth is warming up because of what Man has done.  They feel that industrialization and increasing population is warming the planet. 

The planet may be warming up.  The ice caps may be melting.  They have melted before (tropical fossils have been found in arctic regions). They will likely melt again.  The polar bear does not understand what global warming is.  It will do what all creatures have done for thousands of years.  It will adapt, move or die.

It is estimated that 80%-90% of all species that have ever lived are now extinct.  Man has helped a few of these to go extinct, but the vast majority became extinct on their own.  We only hear about the ones man helped into oblivion.

Why?  Because of the ever changing nature of the world's ecosystem.  The planet is in a constant state of change.  All creatures, including Man, must adapt, move or die.

But Man is the only creature who has the ability to modify its environment.  Why does Man try to tame his environment? 


Man needs air conditioning to cool him off in the summer.  Man needs heat to keep him warm in the winter; a roof overhead to keep the sun and rain off.  Machines to make materials that make survival easier.  He needs refrigeration to keep his food safe from the bacteria to avoid the daily hunt for food.  He needs vehicles so he can travel in comfort and ease and hospitals to take care of every ailment and disease.

And Man forgets.  Or at least the humans in the US do.  They do not understand that nature is an uncaring and unforgiving force.  It is the great equalizer between humans and all other creatures of this world.  Put a natural man, with no tools, against a tiger and the odds are in the tiger will win the fight.

Today’s humans look outside the urban cage they have built for themselves and think the grass is greener in the country.  They think the nice and comfortable cage they live in has damaged the world.  They long for the simpler time when there were not so many “things”.  They believe there was a simpler time when Man was in harmony with his environment.

Man has NEVER been in harmony with his environment.  Because nature does not care what creature you are.  It forces you to adapt, move or die.

The ice caps may melt.  The only creatures who care are humans.  Humans say they care about the poor polar bears.  The bears are going to die.  They might.  But the bears will do what every creature since the beginning of time has done.  They will adapt, move or die.

What global warming really represents is a threat.  A threat to Man's comfort.  A threat to the beach front property and the associated values.  A threat to commerce.  A threat to food and water supplies.  A threat to the status quo.

It reminds Man that he is not in charge.

Is Man responsible for global warming? I don’t know.  There are too many variables and the amount of time we have been able to even measure changes in climates is too short.  A hot spell in the autumn does not mean global warming is occurring.  It is just part of the earth’s natural cycle.  There have been years where things are warmer than normal.  There have been years when conditions have been cooler than normal. But they do not indicate trends which will takes hundreds or thousands of years to determine.

Global warming, caused ONLY by Man makes no sense.


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